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About The Lyman Group, Inc.

“Serving growers and their needs has been our focus, our passion and our business since 1954.”

Farming, the agri-service industry and the world we live in has changed dramatically since the early 1950’s, but our commitment to delivering added value for grower success remains a hallmark of what we stand for and how we do business. We support our growers as a productive team that utilizes the strengths of our people and resources, along with our vendors, suppliers, and industry organizations.

Growing profitable crops today has become a year-around challenge for growers at all levels. The support of a fully integrated agri-service company has become more important to grower success than ever before.

After dealing with the climate, weather, natural pests and other elements of their environment, grower success requires:

The ability to effectively compete in a global market place.

Compliance with increasingly complex regulatory environmental and food and workers safety issues.

A growing investment in specialized knowledge, products, technology and services.

Continuous innovation and improvement at all levels of operations.

That’s why we invest wisely in the people, production facilities, products, specialized equipment and additional resources that enables our Lyman Group team to deliver the added value for farm success we promise – day after day and year after year.


Our history is a track record of growth, focused on how we can add value to grower and agribusiness success.


The origins of the Lyman Group dates back to 1951, when Harvey Lyman and five partners (Walt Heckman, Frank Judy, Wod Daily, Fum Young-Oniel and Hannison & Riddle) formed Ag Chemicals Inc. to serve grower needs in the Sacramento River Delta area of California. Their initial warehouse and office in Walnut Grove now house the Lyman Group Farm Parts Store and maintenance shop operations.


In 1954, Harvey bought out his partners and started his own business, supplying Delta farms with ag chemicals along with his crop expertise and commitment to grower service.


In 1956 he hired some of his first employees, which included Jim Dahlberg, Lloyd Barnes and Fumi Hamatiani. Jim is still working for the Lyman Group in a consultant’s capacity after retiring with 50 years of continuous service to the company, Lloyd retired after over 30 years of service, and Fumi retired after 35 years of service.


Harvey opened a second location in Clarksburg in 1957. The Walnut Grove operation was known as Harvey Lyman Chemicals, and the Clarksburg Operation was known as Harvey Lyman Agservice. They were incorporated as individual companies in 1964, but essentially worked as a team to serve an expanding grower base throughout the Delta.


Joe Silveira, the Lyman Group Controller, came on board in 1969. Harvey taught Joe how to manage the hand posted accounting and pricing system, emphasizing to Joe the importance of daily accounting and always putting grower service and a “win-win” mentality first and foremost as a Lyman employee.


Les Lyman, Harvey’s Son, spent his high school and college summers learning the business from the ground up. After graduating from Cal Poly with a BS in Ag Business Management, Les spent three years with Shell Ag Chemicals gaining a broad view of the agri-service business from a national leader’s perspective. He returned home to the company on a full time basis in 1972.


Already grounded in Harvey’s philosophy of grower service and the importance of valued employees, Les brought a sensible growth mentality to the business. He added innovation and a philosophy of wise investments for continuous service improvement and better pricing into ongoing business operations.


In 1976, the company’s terminated its product and equipment affiliation with the John Taylor Company on a friendly basis. In 1977, they completed their first acquisition, acquiring the Pezzaglia Nursery operations in Rio Vista, a move that assisted the company in moving further into the liquid and dry fertilizer business.


The acquisition of the J. M. Buckley Ag Service operation in Courtland in 1979 represented an investment in custom dry fertilizer blending and liquid fertilizer manufacturing. The operation was moved to the Harvey Lyman Agservice Clarksburg location shortly after this acquisition.


The 1981 acquisition of Sacramento County Farm Supply in Wilton, CA broadened the company’s service area throughout the Galt and Elk Grove areas. During the 1980’s, the two individual Harvey Lyman operating companies were merged into one, under the new name of Harvey Lyman Ag Services, Inc.


As the company grew, so did its reputation for grower service and industry leadership on local and regional levels. With the complexity of the ag chemicals and agri-service industries increasing, Harvey Lyman Ag Services, Inc. broadened its strategic plan to include diversification in both market geography and products and services, along with the continued development of highly qualified, service oriented staff members at all levels of the company.


Acquisitions in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s included Unlimited Agri Products, which become Harvey Lyman Ag Service – Lakeport, CA, and Tremont Supply Inc, near Dixon CA, which brought significant fertilizer manufacturing capacity and rail car access to the growing Lyman Group.


In 2003, the AgriSource operation in Maxwell, CA was formed by The Lyman Group and began operations throughout Northern CA. In 2008, the Ag Unlimited, Ukiah CA operation was acquired, broadening the company’s Northern California coastal and inland service areas.


With each of these acquisitions, the Lyman group expanded and diversified it’s grower service area, added valuable product and services capacity, and most important, increased it’s staff of highly qualified staff members who work well together in their own areas of service and as part of the Lyman Group team.


The Ag Services Seeds operations was opened in Clarksburg, CA in 2008, diversifying the company’s grower product line to include agricultural crop seeds.


2010 – Environmental Respect State Award – Harvey Lyman Company, Walnut Grove

Harvey Lyman Company of Walnut Grove has been named the Environmental Respect Award state winner for California in 2010. Winners were selected May 6 in Willoughby, Ohio. The Environmental Respect Awards, sponsored by CropLife magazine and DuPont Crop Protection, are the agricultural industry’s highest recognition......

2011 – Ag Retailer of the Year Award – The Lyman/Tremont Groups

The Lyman/Tremont Group is two companies with the same top management team. Entrepreneurial managers are employed for each of the14 separate operations and facilities spread across northern California agricultural regions north, west and south of Sacramento. “We have been on a steady growth curve for......

2014 – Environmental Respect State Award – Growers Ag Service, Yuba City

Twenty one top farm supply retail businesses have been selected as Environmental Respect Award state winners. Willoughby, OH (PRWEB) April 28, 2014 Twenty one top farm supply retail businesses have been selected as Environmental Respect Award state winners in the United States for 2014. The......

Lyman Group Values

Good moral and ethical values are a given for our company and our people. So are common sense and good judgment.

Strong Foundation

Build a business from a strong foundation of values based around integrity, stewardship and taking good care of our customers.

Respect, Fairness and Goodwill

Treat people – customers, employees, vendors, suppliers competitors, the communities we serve – with respect, fairness and goodwill.

Value to Growers

Invest in the manpower, equipment, technology knowledge base and anything else needed to maximize our value to growers today and in the years to come.

Reliable Service Daily

Execute daily operations at service levels growers rely on and trust for their success.

Lead by Example

Lead through service – locally, regionally and nationally – by example, results and contribution to grower success, our community and our industry.

Environment and Sustainability

Environmental stewardship is essential committment for our company and for the wellness of all of us on this planet.

From local volunteer fire departments and school boards to national volunteer organization leadership roles, we are involved and committed to a healthy environment and solid communities that nurture and support individuals and families in worthwhile living.


The boundaries between suburban and rural and between “the city” and “the farm” continue to blur as our population grows. One can no longer farm, do business or plan for future development without this awareness and respect for the relationships and interdependencies between agriculture, communities and the environment.

We believe it is essential to be good environmental and community stewards. We encourage and support our employees to be active members of local, regional and national organizations that promote environmental and community values, and to serve in leadership positions whenever possible.


We conduct informational exchange meetings with agribusiness leaders from all over the world who visit us to learn more about our operations and how we carry out our commitment of environmental stewardship and regulatory compliance.