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The Lyman Group, Inc.
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Primary Crops

Alfalfa, almonds, apples, asparagus, blueberries, cantaloupes, cherries, cotton, cucumbers, field corn, forage grains, garlic, oats, peaches, pears, prunes, rice, safflower, seed onions, squash, safflower, sunflowers, tomatoes, vine seed, walnuts, watermelons, wheat, wine grapes, pistachios & pecans.

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental stewardship is a way of life and natural approach to how we do business.


We are not in business simply to be profitable, but to improve the quality of life for the environment and the communities where we live and work.

Community Support

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We are an active, friendly and supportive part of the communities we serve.


We support many organizations such as Future Farmers of America (FFA), 4-H, Young Farmers & Ranchers, Little League, California Farm Bureau and local Chamber of Commerce’s


Growers rely on us as part of their team for farm success and profitability.

Growers throughout northern California and the San Juaquin Valley rely on AgriSource to meet their every day and long term farm needs through the services we provide.

  • They rely on the in-field observations, knowledge and recommendations of our PCAs, CCAs and consultants.
  • They count on the immediate availability of crop input, and protection products, related traditional and organic products that help them grow healthy, profitable crops.
  • They have confidence in our set up people who calibrate grower fertilizer and spray application equipment for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.
  • They know they we have the reliable office and warehouse staff always prepared to meet their needs.
  • In these complex times, a good day also means we’ve helped growers successfully navigate through the maze of local, regional and national regulations, requirements and restriction that impact everyday farm operations.
  • We work as a team throughout our divisions and with our partner organization, The Tremont Group, Inc. to earn the trust of growers as part of their team for their farming success.

Grower Services

  • Experienced, highly knowledgeable staff of Certified Crop Advisors (CCAs), Licensed Pest Control Advisors (PCAs) and Consultants
  • Qualified Applicators for Fertilizers & Crop Protection Products
  • Custom Application of Fertilizers & Crop Protection Products
  • Custom blended dry and liquid fertilizer to specific croup and soil needs.
  • Dedicated, friendly employees with professional integrity and grower loyalty
  • Deliveries of crop input products timed to meet grower operations needs
  • Field equipment set up and calibration
  • Field Records Management
  • Hydrology consulting services and product lines
  • Office and warehouse support staff
  • Organic crop production recommendations and product lines
  • Precision Farming through Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
  • Progressive soil/tissue nutrition management
  • Prompt, ranch delivery of crop input and protection and related products
  • Soil Tissue and Water Sampling
  • Sustainable wine grape farming systems

Products for Grower Success

  • IPM Consulting, specializing in wine grapes and pear production.
  • Viticultural Consulting, including site evaluation, rootstock and variety recommendations.
  • Pomological consulting
  • Plant tissue and soil analysis, and fertility recommendations
  • Water Analysis
  • Plant disease and pest detection and forecasting
  • Cover crop recommendations
  • Conventional, sustainable and organic crop protection products and techniques
  • Conventional and organic fertilizers and foliar nutrients
  • Liquid fertilizers and custom fertilizer blends
  • Conventional and organic soil amendments
  • Cover crop seed and custom seed blends tailored to your individual site
  • Grapevines
  • We specialize in CCOF and OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) approved crop inputs.


AgriSource Maxwell

5701 Maxwell Rd.
PO Box 280
Maxwell, CA 95955


Mike Griffith

Office: (530) 438-2624
Cell: (530) 682-7733
Fax: (530) 438-2678


“The experience of our sales staff enhances our ability to create custom solutions to specific crop and grower needs, including custom blended fertilizers, regular fertilizer and custom application equipment calibration and much more.”

Our PCAs and CCAs

Rick Allegrini

Office: 530 438-2624
Cell: 530
Fax: 530 438-2678

Mike Griffith

Office: 530 438-2624
Cell: 530 682-7733
Fax: 530 438-2678

Rich Forney

Office: 530 438-2624
Cell: 530 682-7852
Fax: 530 438-2678

Greg Kamienski

Office: 530 438-2624
Cell: 530 219-8106
Fax: 530 438-2678

Drew Dirks

Office: 530 438-2624
Cell: 530 330-2744
Fax: 530 438-2678

Henry Kalfsbeek

Office: 530 438-2624
Cell: 530 219-8107
Fax: 530 438-2678

Jake Rinehart

Office: 530 438-2624
Cell: 530 624-7260
Fax: 530 438-2678

Thad Stephen

Office: 530 438-2624
Cell: 530 219-8102
Fax: 530 438-2678

Curt Spyres

Office: 530 438-2624
Cell: 530 219-8105
Fax: 530 438-2678

Jordan Brainard

Office: 530 438-2624
Cell: 530-682-6835
Fax: 530 438-2678

Dennis Steinhoff

Office: 530 438-2624
Cell: 530 219-8101
Fax: 530 438-2678