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Ag Unlimited is a North Coast California agribusiness company. We are an agri-service leader that is comprised of divisions of the Lyman Group, Inc. and Tremont Group, Inc. Our history dates back to the mid 1950’s and the original startup of the Harvey Lyman Chemical company by founder Harvey Lyman.

Consulting and Field Scouting Services: AG Unlimited offers growers and managers the help they need to monitor changing plant and pest conditions. Our Pest Control Advisers (PCA’s) and Certified Crop Advisers (CCA’s) monitor a wide variety of field and crop aspects. They constantly review plant health, growth and development as well as the dynamics of pest populations, above and below ground..

Crop/Pest monitoring helps increase the efficacy of nutrient and crop protection product applications and protects or enhances crop value. AG Unlimited is the premier agricultural retail supplier in Northern California counties of Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino, and Lake. AG Unlimited markets fertilizer, seed, crop protection, and agronomic services for the California Wine Industry and California Agriculture. Our consulting services incorporate Integrated Pest Management (IPM) concepts in both organic and non-organic farming operations.

Primary Crops

Aquatic Weed Management
Hay, Pasture and Cover Crops
Pears and other tree and small fruit crops
Turf and Ornamentals
Vegetable crops
Walnuts and other nut crops
Wine Grapes



Ukiah, CA

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Devin Gordon

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“We concentrate on researching, recommending and retailing alternatives to carbamates, organophosphates, known groundwater contaminants, and other environmentally sensitive materials. We use state of the art field scouting methods and models to make our recommendations.

All applicable ecological, cultural, and economic conditions are considered to ensure the highest rate of return for our growers. Our commitment to our growers is to preserve a future environment so that all of our kids will have access to the same safe natural resources that our fathers did.”

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Bill Oldham

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“Grower service is our passion. It’s a team effort throughout Ag Unlimited and The Lyman Group. When our growers succeed, we all succeed – and feel darn good inside about what we do!”

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Jeff Gleaves

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Devin W. Gordon

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Bill Oldham

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John Hildebrand

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