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Onsite fertilizer manufacturing and blending CAPACITY – a competitive edge for added value to growers.

Our ongoing investment in onsite conventional and organic crop input manufacturing and blending capacity reduces our dependency on large crop input manufactures and suppliers. This is especially important in meeting grower needs in a tight supply market, and helps us minimize price fluctuations as market conditions impact pricing. It also enables us to customize crop input blends to meet specific grower soil and crop requirements, helping to maximize grower ROI.


Our investment in crop input manufacturing and blending capacity resources for the Lyman Group devices includes high capacity volumetric fertilizer blenders at our Maxwell, Lakeport and Walnut Grove locations, and acqua converters at our Maxwel location.


Combined with the Tremont Group’s liquid cold mix plant, 10-34-0 reactors, aqua converter and volumetric dry blender, our investment in capacity gives us a unique competitive edge in an ever changing market place and assures we have the capacity to meet grower needs.