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The Tremont Group is a full production ag company and an agribusiness leader in Northern California. Servicing both conventional and organic growers, The Tremont Group is managed and operated by experts in all fields of agriculture.


The Tremont Group divisions work independently and as a team to provide specialized knowledge and equipment, products and personalized, grower driven services to a diverse conventional and organic grower base throughout Northern and Central California.

The Tremont Group, Inc.

201 East Street
Woodland, CA 95776

Tel: (530) 662-5442
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Inland Terminal, a state of the art liquid fertilizer storage and distribution facility serving northern & central California.


Its been designed and built from the ground up for suppliers and venders to efficiently deliver liquid crop input product into the agricultural market place.

Inland Terminal

Corner of Hwy 113 and County Road 18C
Woodland, CA 95776


Product Storage, Inventory & Shipments

Michelle Correa                                                                                                                     Tel: 366-3844
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Terminal Operations Information

Joe Aslett                                                                                                                          Tel: 530-681-8233                                                                                                  Web:


MVP Consolidated, LLC assists agricultural producers and affiliated industries, in the greater Northern California area, with building a safe agricultural community that protects both the workers and the environment. Through its customized compliance and training services, MVP Consolidated’s clients have confidence in their health and safety programs, which not only educates their employees about safe practices but also assists them in meeting state and federal regulatory requirements.

MVP Consolidated, LLC

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